Argentinian Favorites

Wednesday, June 9
Time: 5:30p
Cost: $125/two people
Chef: Aimee Blume

One major part of the Argentine diet that’s the same pretty much everywhere is the prevalence of meat. Argentineans eat more red meat than any other country in the world, which you will most often see in the form of their yummy asados, a type of Argentine barbecue. Tonight we are using the Big Green Egg from Bassemier’s Fireplace and Patio-Spa for this special class! Limited cash bar available.

Menu: Proveleta (melted provolone cheese with oregano and chili flakes on crisp crostini with lime dressed greens) beef tenderloin with warm spice rub and chimichurri sauce, rice Provenzal, grilled vegetable medley and Dulce de leche sandwich cookie