Baskets and Appetizers

Tuesday, October 17
Time: 5:30p
Cost: $65/person
Chef/Teachers: April Boeke and Yoshika Sone, Anita Doty, Sakie Hara, Yuko Nishiyama and Misato Kushihashi*

Do you ever see something that someone has and then you’re amazed to find out they made it?!? Well, we saw a beautiful basket that Yoshika had in our store and found out she makes them! She and her friends are amazingly talented, so we asked them to share their talents and teach us all how to make these baskets! The lightweight and durable basket you will make is made of paper tape and is approximately 23cm x 13cm x 5.5cm. Chef April will teach us a few simple appetizers that will be perfect for nibbling while you are creating your basket and delicious to make for upcoming holiday gatherings.
Class is limited to twelve students, so sign up early!

*Please note, the instructors are still learning English and are very excited to teach you this skill!

Menu: 7-layer taco dip, chicken salad stuffed phyllo, pepper jelly dip, Bundt bites, and a basket that you will make and take home