Eat Well, Be Well With Kitchen Zen

Thursday, February 17 (rescheduled date)
Eat Well, Be Well With Kitchen Zen
Time: 5:30p
Cost: $50/person
Chef: Robin Mallery

Join Chef Robin as we start 2022 with a Kitchen Zen approach to preparing and enjoying delicious meals. Simplify your life with easy how-to techniques that allow you to create the basics for several meals in one 90-minute food prep session. Robin will be discussing the concepts of small-step behavior change so you may contemplate how to nourish yourself well in the new year without making outrageous and hard-to-keep resolutions! Eat Well, Be Well!

Menu: roasted beet hummus lettuce wrap, minestrone soup, noodle-less lasagna stuffed with roasted veggies, garlicky greens,  and finishing with baked pears for dessert