Experience Umami

Experience Umami
Saturday, April 27
Time: 12p
Cost: $55/person
Chef: Aimee Blume

Most of us were taught as children that there are four kinds of tastes: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. But there has been a gaping hole in all of our educations. One of the most important and most glorious flavors we experience daily — the one that makes brothy soups so heart-warming, seared meats so satisfying and aged cheeses so delightful — has long been ignored.  We’ll explore how the fifth taste, umami, works and how to add it to your food using ingredients rich in glutamates.



Menu: Miso Soup with vegetables, noodle stir fry with roasted pork and mushrooms, potatoes baked in puttanesca sauce, graham crackers with miso caramel