Korean Cuisine

Friday, July 23
Time: 5:00p
Cost: $125/two people
Chef: Aimee Blume

Korean food is having a major moment! Savory, spicy, and a smorgasbord of textures – everyone should try it! Chef Aimee will teach that Korean cuisine doesn’t require a mastery of techniques, and is easy to duplicate at home. Bibim translates as “mixed,” and bap means “cooked rice,” so bibimbap literally means “mixed rice.” Even though we mix up bibimbap before we eat it, each ingredient is prepared with care, bringing their unique flavors, textures and colors so they come together beautifully in the bowl and deliciously in your mouth. See why bibimbap is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite. Limited cash bar available.

Menu: boneless fried wings with Korean gochujang barbecue sauce, Bi-Bim-Bap (a mound of rice with toppings of stir-fried marinated beef, sesame spinach, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, stir fried carrots and mushrooms, and bibimbap sauce); and fruit salad with orange syrup and a homemade shortbread cookie