Kids Class – Sundae Best (Recommended Ages 8-12)

Kids Class – Sundae Best (Recommended ages 8-12)
Tuesday, March 26
Time: 3p – 4:30p
Cost: $30/person
Chef: April Boeke

What makes an ice cream sundae even better?  An edible chocolate bowl!  Kids will use a balloon to make a bowl for their ice cream sundaes.  While the bowls are drying, they’ll choose from a buffet of ingredients to make easy sandwich roll ups.  A delicious way to start Spring Break!


Menu: Sandwich roll ups & make your own ice cream bowls
Note:  Thyme in the Kitchen highly recommends leaving your children in our excellent care during this class.  The kids seem to be a little more at ease when they are left on their own to interact with our chef and create these wonderful dishes.